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Before They Were Dead

I'm looking for any other information and or tapes from the pre-Warlocks period.

This weekend's project was to catalog the tapes that I have of Jerry & Pig from the Pre-Warlocks days. I was interested in seeing what kind of music Jerry and Pig were playing around this time. I don't know if any Weir recordings exist from this time. I also wanted to see how many of the Jerry songs I could find a source for. It seems that The New Lost City Ramblers were a bridge between the new folk folks and the old time bands. I've included NLCR next to all the songs I know that they did (13 in all).

The recording was done in front of a live audience. Sound quality of the tape is below average with a sharp drop off on the high end. Levels and balance change rapidly at times as well.

Recording seems to be from KFOG Deadhead hour. Richard Raffel (sp?) is playing a tape from Stu Goldstein (an MD from Walnut Creek we're told) who used to co-manage the Tangent. Tape quality is pretty good, but obviously from an FM broadcast and a couple of gens down from that. The tapes that were actually being played must have sounded very nice.