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This page has pictures and information on bank notes which represent two units of a particular currency. Due to the number of pictures on the page, it may take some time to load.

The most recent printing of United States' two dollar bills is the series from 2003. The bills have been around for a long time, with samples from 1928, 1953, and 1963 being relatively common. The modern U.S. two dollar bills were introduced in 1976, for the U.S. bicentennial celebration. After a great deal of fanfare at the time of their release, they are virtually uncirculated today.

In 1996, it was announced that the U.S. treasury had ordered $102 million worth of the series 1995 U.S.$2 bills even though banks seemed to have an ample supply of the 1976 series notes. CNN ran a story on this which included a QuickTime movie (1.2MB)) on $2 bills.

Reb loves to spend $2 bills. “Where does he get them,” you ask? At the bank! Yes, they are still available (at least here in the USA they are). You simply have to ask for them. US Front
US Reverse
If the bank says that they do not have any $2 bills, ask if they can order some for you. Most banks will do this for you without charge, though there may be a minimum quantity.
When spending $2 bills, Reb often finds that people do almost anything to purchase them from their employer so they can take them home. Why? They “collect” them, or they are “saving” them. This is quite odd behavior because, as described above, they are readily available at your local bank. Nevertheless, Reb continues his $2 bill spending odyssey. He mostly leaves them as tips in restaurants these days.

When the 1976 $2 bills were issued, many people took them over to their local U.S. Post Office to have a cancellation applied to prove that the bill was obtained on the first day of its availability. These souvenirs are quite common, and are not worth much more than ordinary 1976 $2 bills.

Stamped 1976 U.S. $2 bill

Current currency from the United States has green Treasury seals and serial numbers, as shown in the above notes. Reb is often asked about U.S. $2 bills with red seals.

1963 U.S. $2 front 1963 U.S. $2 reverse
These "red seal" $2 notes were issued from the time the first "small-sized" notes were issued in 1928 until 1963. An example from 1963 is above. The 1928 bills have the red seal on the left, as shown below.
1928 U.S. $2 front 1928 U.S. $2 reverse

The United States has been issuing $2 bills for quite a long time. An example from 1862 is below.

1862 U.S. $2 front 1862 U.S. $2 reverse

Many countries have $2 bills, or bills which represent two units of the local currency. Among these are the following:

Canada replaced paper one dollar and two dollar notes with coins over the last few years. The one dollar coin is called a “loonie” because it has a picture of a Loon on one side. Canada Front Canada Reverse The two dollar coin is commonly called a “toonie”. The lowest denomination note currently being produced and circulated is a five dollar note.
Jamaica no longer produces $2 bills. They are simply not worth printing. In Mid-1995, the exchange rate for U.S. dollars was 33 to 1. The bill pictured here was worth about six cents at the time I obtained it.
Jamaica front Jamaica reverse

Australia front Australia reverse

Singapore front Singapore reverse

New Zealand:
New Zealand front New Zealand reverse

Papua New Guinea (Kina):
Papua New Guinea front Papua New Guinea reverse

Rhodesia (Dollar, 1977):
Rhodesia front Rhodesia reverse

South Africa (Rand):
South Africa front South Africa reverse

Barbados front Barbados reverse
Argentina (Peso):
Argentina front Argentina reverse
Brazil (Real):
In 2001, Brazil issued its first R$2,00 bill. A .pdf file (in Portugese)
with a detailed description of the new bill is available. Brazil front Brazil reverse

Venezuela (Bolivar, 2008):
Venezuela 2008 front
Venezuela 2008 reverse

India (Rupee):
India front India reverse
Fiji front Fiji reverse
Germany (Mark, 1920):
Germany, 2 marks, 1920 Germany, 2 marks, 1920
If you can supply a $2 bill of a different design or country than the ones pictured here, please contact me by sending mail to admin@taco.com

I now have "2" bills from many more countries... more will be displayed here soon! Some of the notes to come are:

  • 2 Leva, Bulgaria
  • 2 Dollars, Belize
  • 2 Yuan, China
  • 2 Dollars, Fiji (Y2K commemorative note)
  • 2 Lari Georgia
  • 2 Cedis, Ghana
  • 2 Gourdes, Haiti (1925-1932)
  • 2 Rupee, India (additional designs)
  • 2 Lire, Italy (2 designs!)
  • 2 Dollars, Jamaica (additional design)
  • 2, Malaysia
  • 2 Rufiyaa, Maldives
  • 2 Rubles, Latvia
  • 2 Kopec, Russia
  • 2 Dollars, Singapore (additional designs)
  • 2 Rupees, Sri Lanka
  • 2 Tala, Western Samoa
  • 2 Kwacha, Zambia
  • 2 Dollars, Zimbabwe

There are other $2 bill enthusiasts out there.
Please let me know if you maintain or know of a related site that I should link to!

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