A ticket to the Blue Lagoon.

Reb and Stef
visit Iceland's Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a swimming hole that is filled with the runoff water from a geothermic power station. The water is usually very hot, and it gets hotter the closer you get to the power station.

We arrived at the Blue Lagoon in the middle of a raging snowstorm. At first we could not tell whether or not it was open, as there were no other vehicles in the parking lot.

Just then, a tour bus drove up. It picked up three or four people from the building. We realized that it was open, and we went in. This is what we saw.

What else could we do? We went swimming! The water was not quite as warm as we would have liked, but the closer we got to the geothermal station on the far side, the warmer it got.

With all the snow, we couldn't just swim. We practiced catching the huge snowflakes on our tongues. Reb just had to jump out of the water and roll around in the snow, wearing nothing but his bathing suit. He also made a snowman!

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